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How do You Estimate a Fire Damage?

10/11/2022 (Permalink)

Visible damage to a commercial building following a structure fire We understand how devastating a commercial fire can be to your business.

Estimating Fire Damage

The first step in estimating fire damage is to take a look at the affected area and determine what kind of damage has been done. This involves looking at the structure itself and the contents within, including any furniture or equipment that might have been damaged by smoke or water. It also involves making sure that there is no hidden damage (such as mold growth) that can't be seen at first glance but could become visible later on down the line.

Scope of Damage

The first thing we need to do is determine the scope of the damage. Is it contained, or did the flames spread throughout the building? We will look at specific areas of the damaged property. During this step, we will determine how big the affected area is. The affected area will include the building and its contents, as well as the exterior of the building. This also includes any other areas that have been damaged by fire, such as roofs or landscaping.

If your home or business has been completely consumed by flames and burned down to its foundations, then our job will be much simpler than if only part of your home has been destroyed by a fire. In this case, we will write down all visible damages as well as any structural components that appear structurally unsound (such as cracked walls or crumbling floors).

When estimating losses after an extensive fire damage situation, remember that there may be hidden dangers lurking behind walls and under floor coverings that could cause further danger once removed from their original setting.

Assessing the Condition of the Structure

If you're assessing a building that has been damaged, it's important to evaluate whether or not the structure is salvageable. If the building can be salvaged, rebuilding will likely cost less than replacing it entirely. If not, demolition may be necessary and a new building will need to be constructed on-site.

Determining Whether to Restore or Replace

While the ability to restore your property after a fire is a huge benefit, it's not always possible. In fact, more often than not, restoration is not an option.

Before you make any decisions about which items should be restored and which should be replaced, you'll want to consider whether or not they can be restored. 

Restoration is generally only recommended if the item in question has sentimental value or is important for your livelihood (for example, a guitar). If not, it may be time for some fresh air and new memories.

Call the Professionals

We understand how devastating a commercial fire can be to your business. An estimate is the first step toward recovering from the damage, but it’s also an important part of knowing what to expect and making informed decisions.

Our experienced technicians can help you get back on track after a commercial fire in your Muncy, PA business—and in some cases, they may even be able to save your property from total destruction. We know how complex this process is because we have experience with various types of fires, including electrical fires (which are surprisingly common), grease fires, gas explosions, and more. 

When you work with us for fire damage restoration services after a disaster strikes your company or business location you will have access to our specialized knowledge base about all things related to fire damage restoration for commercial properties like yours.

At SERVPRO of  Williamsport/Montoursville, we have the experience, training, and skills to help you through this difficult time. We understand that your business is more than just a building or an inventory list—it’s what keeps your family fed, clothed, and happy. That’s why we take pride in being able to restore your property back to its original state so that you can continue doing what you love most: serving customers!

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