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Dark brown dining set and Ipad covered with soot

Soot Everywhere in South Williamsport, PA

This home experienced a fire in their kitchen, and called the professionals at SERVPRO of Williamsport/Montoursville because there was soot and smoke odor throughout the entire house! When you are dealing with a fire or smoke damaged property, let SERVPRO handled the problem for you and get your home or business back in action as soon as possible.

Concrete basement with muddy flood water marks up the wall almost the whole way

Flooded in Williamsport, PA

Williamsport, PA experienced some of the wettest years on record- and the homes in the area definitely felt it! In this picture you can see the marks on the wall where the basement had flooded almost the entire way up! 

SERVPRO of Williamsport/Montoursville specializes in water remediation- call us if your property floods!

Big patches of white and yellow mold on floor joists

Hot Water Heater Causing Problems in Montoursville, PA

This customer called SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville because they had been having problems with their hot water heater. Upon arrival water was discovered in multiple rooms in the basement, as well as thick patches of mold in the area. Hot water heater damages cause more problems than just water because of the humidity associated with it.

Wet spots on hardwood floor

Hardwood Floor Damage at a Rental in Muncy, PA

Did you know that SERVPRO of Williamsport/Montoursville has hardwood floor drying mat systems to assist with drying your water damaged hardwood? If the damage is caught quick enough, SERVPRO has a good chance of saving your beautiful hardwood floors! We are on call 24/7 and ready to arrive on the scene of your disaster and get you back on your feet anytime!

Water in room filled with furniture and other contents

Williamsport, PA Water Damage

This customer called us because their floor drains had been sealed in their basement, so when a pipe burst in their newly finished basement it had nowhere to drain. There was so much water that it completely saturated the carpet and then some!

Dresser and other debris in mud and water at the bottom of basement steps

Flooding Through Trout Run, PA

When the waters rise in the creeks and rivers, it has nowhere to go but out. Which is exactly what happened to this home in Trout Run, PA. Flood waters and debris came into their basement leaving everything a mess! 

Footprints in white powder on the floor

Fire Extinquisher Dust in Williamsport, PA

This commercial property had a small fire that was put out with a fire extinguisher- leaving powder from the fire extinguisher EVERYWHERE! Call SERVPRO of Williamsport/Montoursville for your clean up needs!

Steps from an RV with dirt on them

Not Just Fire, Water, and Mold!

SERVPRO of Williamsport/Montoursville doesn't ONLY take care of fire, water, mold and damages!

We received a call to clean out this RV for some customers from Jersey Shore, PA. Over the time it was stored, some rodents had made themselves at home- as well as it needing cleaned from use. We've cleaned mold out of cars, cleaned vehicles after gasoline spills, and just general cleaning. Call SERVPRO of Williamsport/Montoursville today!

House with ceiling debris and water all over the hardwood floors

Water Damage in McElhatan, PA

All water damages are devastating, but did you know it can even cause paint to peel or bubble? If you look closely at this water damage that happened in McElhatan, PA you can see the ceiling fell through, the paint peeled, and it even bubbled and rolled in spots.

Soot webs in white hallway

Puff Back in Lock Haven, PA

This customer's furnace malfunctioned causing what we call a puff back- where soot and smoke puffs back into a property. Soot can be greasy and hangs on everything- including cob webs. Call SERVPRO of Williamsport/ Montoursville if your property experiences a puff back so we can ensure that all the soot is properly removed from your possessions!

Group of men

Continuing Education!

SERVPRO of Williamsport/Montoursville is constantly attending training and continuing education to ensure the best service for our customers! A few of our technicians recently attended Media Blasting at the Restoration Technical Institute.

Room downstairs with water puddles on a maroon carpet

Mill Hall Storms

Storm damage can happen to anyone, especially when it rains as much as it has in Mill Hall, PA and the rest of the SERVPRO of Williamsport/Montoursville area. Call SERVPRO for your storm damage loss today!

Building and mailbox surrounded by muddy flood water

Flood Waters in Muncy, PA

With the wettest year on record here in the SERVPRO of Williamsport/Montoursville region, there were a lot of homes and businesses flooded with muddy water, like this business in Muncy, PA. SERVPRO specializes in storm water remediation. Call us today!

Toilet with dirty water all over it and the floor around it in a dark basement

Sewage Loss in Williamsport, PA

This customer experienced a large sewage loss that affected their whole basement. Everything in the basement was covered with water and raw sewage. Our technicians suited up in protective gear and remediated the basement for this customer quickly- the customer was very impressed! No job is too big for SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville! 

Gray and white basement with inches of water on the floor and boxes on shelving

South Williamsport, PA Water Loss

When a water line broke in this commercial property in South Williamsport, PA their entire building was fllooded with inches of water- from the storage room in the basement pictured here, to the storeroom upstairs. SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville cleared out all the water and had the store dry in time for opening!

White square ceiling tiles all over a dark brown floor

The Sky is Falling in Williamsport, PA

Have you ever read Chicken Little? Well that is how this customer felt when a water pipe in their bathroom wall burst flooding their house and causing all of their ceiling tiles to fall down!

Blue basement room with mud all over walls, carpet, desk and fireplace

Disastrous Storm in Montoursville, PA

This customer's basement in Montoursville, PA was devasted by a massive storm that rolled through. Water was almost 4 feet high on the walls and demolished carpeting, contents and the fireplace with mud and thick water.

Muddy water puddles in unfinished basement

Montoursville, PA Storms

The past few years have been some of the rainiest years on records for the SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville area! Many basements and homes across the area have suffered from storm waters bursting through and causing a wet, muddy mess. Good thing SERVPRO is just a call away!

Brown water on red and gray basement floor

The Importance of Sump Pumps in Trout Run

This home in Trout Run, PA did not have their sump pump turned on when a large storm came through the area leaving them with over 18 inches of muddy water in their basement! SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville extracted, dried, and cleaned the basement- and made sure the sump pumps were turned back on for the next time!

Black soot that was partially wiped off white ceiling and cabinets above microwave

Grease Fire in Muncy, PA

This fire damage resulted from a pan full of grease being left on the stove. The grease caught fire and melted the microwave range above the stove. There was black soot and smoke smell all over the house. Good thing our technicians are highly trained to remediate!

Dark brick fireplace with heavy black soot

Soot in Williamsport, PA

This was the aftermath of a puff back that affected the entire house and left thick soot up the brick fireplace. Cleaning your chimney's and ensure proper inspection and installation is important!

Wood cabinets and chrome stove with thick soot on the door and inside

Trout Run, PA Fire

When a fire broke out in this house in Trout Run, PA it left a thick sooty mess all over every room in the house. The cabinets even had soot deep in the cracks!

Mold in commercial vehicle

SERVPRO is the Leading Restoration Company!

SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville is proud to be part of the leading restoration company, servicing your mold, fire, water and storm needs! This commercial vehicle came to us covered in mold- we can clean your vehicles too!

Water on the floor in a commercial garage space

Williamsport Water Leak

The owner of this commercial property called us overwhelmed because they came in to find 2 of their buildings covered in inches of water from a big water pipe leak. 

Floor mat drying system on a gym floor after a water damage

Floor Mat Drying System

If your commercial (or residential) property has hardwood and you are concerned with how hard it might be to dry or fear that it getting wet means it may need to be replaced- there may be options! SERVPRO's floor drying mat system is top of the line and if remediated soon enough could have your hardwood floors dry quickly!

Airmover attached to hoses injecting air through holes in the wall

Commercial Drying From the Inside Out!

When this commercial property suffered a water damage, they were left feeling pretty overwhelmed. With the help of our Wall Injectidry system, our knowledgeable and highly trained technicians were able to efficiently dry the inside of the wall without having to remove all the drywall. SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville is available for all your commercial (or residential) water damage needs!

Floor mat drying system on a wet gym floor

Ready For Your Water Emergency in Lock Haven, PA

In this photo you see our floor drying mat systems, dehumidifiers and air movers hard at work inside our drying tent to ensure this commercial property in Lock Haven, PA dries efficiently after their water damage so the gym could open quickly for their customers! If you have a water loss in the Williamsport, Montoursville or surrounding areas give us a call at SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville at 570-546-3500. 

dirty carpet on one half of photo clean carpet on the other

Carpet Cleaning

Look at the difference a great carpet cleaning makes! SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville provides Professional Carpet Cleaning and Spot Cleaning Services at competitive pricing. Refresh your carpets throughout your entire home!

Williamsort Home Builders Show

Come see us at the Williamsport Home Builders Show at Lycoming College.  We are a proud member of the Home Builders Association and attend this event every year!!

green SERVPRO equipment on floor with hoses inserted into sheetrock

Wall Drying Equipment

Water damages can happen anywhere- even inside the walls! Injectidry drying equipment can be used to save the walls rather than removing and replacing them, saving customers time and money!

green Air Movers on shelving in warehouse

Air Movers

Here is a photo of just some of the Air Movers we have on hand at SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville. Cleaned, stored, and ready to go for the next Emergency Service Water Job!

Hardwood Floor Drying Mats

Floor Drying Equipment

Saving hardwood floors requires specialty equipment to do the job. Here is a picture of the hardwood floor drying mats being used to remediate a water damage and save these beautiful floors for our customers!

Green SERVPRO fleet van, car and truck

SERVPRO Vehicles

SERVPRO Proud! Just some of the vehicles we have ready for service here at SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville. We have our fleets, cleaned and ready to go for your Water, Fire, Mold, and Storm damages!

Green SERVPRO Water Box Truck

SERVPRO Water Box Truck

This is just one of the Water Box trucks we have at SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville stocked and ready to go to the next emergency fire, sewage or water loss!

Exterior view of Our Office

SERVPRO of Williamsport/Montoursville

Here is our office for SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville and SERVPRO of Lewisburg / Selinsgrove. Stop and see us at 2890 Lycoming Mall Drive in Muncy, or give us a call at 570-546-3500.

Clean Green Machine

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

The Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is one way SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville has of cleaning contents. Just like SERVPRO says- we're making your contents look "Like it never even happened."!